Lange Machine manufactures components that our customers use to repair or assemble new equipment. Our customer base is diverse and the parts we machine are custom made to fit our customers’ ever changing needs

Mining – Lange Machine works with companies in the mining industry and mining equipment manufacturers to repair and replace  jaw crushers, roll crushers and heads used in various applications throughout the mining process.

 Energy - We manufacture components for the energy industry for their vacuum furnaces. We machined such components as part of short production runs.

Foundry- We, at Lange Machine, have worked with companies in the foundry industry for over 25 years. We machine parts from cast iron, cast stainless, stainless steel, and bronze depending on the application of the final machine. We can direct ship to fulfill our customer’s orders.

Hydroelectric- Being close to several hydro dams locally we have worked for years to repair and replace parts used in this industry. Lange Machine understands that down time means loss in revenue and energy. We are EAGER to meet our customers demanding timelines.

 Chemical - This industry has provided us with experience in working with stainless steel for various vessels and component parts. We work with these companies and ensure that our products meet standards and quality specifications.