Lange’s machining operation is an important step in reaching our business goals. They work in conjunction with our teams to identify tooling and cost savings up front. A supplier that meets or exceeds our quality control standards is a plus. We couldn't have asked for a better partner.

Bill Krzyzanowski
Purchasing Agent
A&B Process Systems Inc

Northland Stainless has entrusted our machining needs to Lange Machine for over 40 years. Northland Stainless manufactures primarily stainless steel and higher alloy ASME pressure vessels for the chemical, pharmaceutical and energy markets. Many of our vessels require large components (and often complete vessels) to be machined after welding to ensure compliance to tight tolerances associated with sealing surfaces, mixers and other precision components. Lange machine has the equipment, experience and attention to detail we require from a machining supplier. Northland Stainless has recommended Lange Machine to our own sister companies as well as to a number of our valued customers when they have a unique, large or demanding machining project. In the rare instances when issues arise, Lange Machine has been very responsive in correcting the issue. Northland Stainless is proud to endorse our long time machining partner Lange Machine.

Bill Wenzel General Manager
Northland Stainless

In working with Lange Machine Shop in the recent years, I've come to find out they are just who they say they are. They are dedicated in doing the quality of work that sells the next job. I have visited their facility on several occasions and have met the owners and all of the office staff and as it is said, you only get one chance to make a first impression and they have made a very good first, second and third impression on me. Their shop personnel are friendly and knowledgeable and willing to do what it takes. They show all the qualities of working as a TEAM, from the front office all the way back through their shop. They have done several projects for us and on more than one occasion went above and beyond to meet our needs and our demands. They are truly a great group of folks to work with.

Willie Tyler
Product Support Manager, North America

Simpson Technologies has been doing business with Lange Machine & Tool Company since 1988. Lange Machine has proven over time to be one of our most valued suppliers and a great partner. Lange is consistently in our top five supplier category. They work hand in hand with our engineering group in developing new product and the product quality from Lange is second to none. Lange holds a significant amount of inventory for us and their bookkeeping is flawless. We have ascertained such positive results that we regularly direct ship product from Lange to our valued customers. Great ability, great people and a first class machine shop.

Ed Radon
Manufacturing Manager
Simpson Technologies Corporation